Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank tries to mimic real wood floors. It is made of synthetic materials, PVC being the main component. It is created using four layers which consist of: Layer 1, known as the wear layer which prevents scratching, stains, and fading. Layer 2, known as decorative image that gives it the aspect of wood. Layer 3, known as the main core, made out of PVC which gives it flexibility and waterproofing to the plank. Layer 4, which is the backing layer that prevents mold and mildew. Some planks may have pad attached. 


  • Pet friendly

  • 100% waterproof

  • 100% stain proof

  • Low maintenance

  • Low cost


  • Can be damaged by sunlight

  • Susceptible to dents 

  • Non-biodegradable and hard to recycle


Laminate flooring is a multi layer synthetic flooring product. Similar to vinyl planks, it tries to simulate real wood. The main components are melamine resin and fiber board materials. The installation typically  floats over the sub-floor on top of an under-layment pad which provides sound proofing and is a moisture barrier. 


  • Most  affordable

  • Low maintenance

  • Resembles real wood

  • Easy installation

  • Versatility 


  • Susceptible to moisture damage

  • Can't be refinished 

  • Louder than carpet or vinyl

  • Lower return on investment